Not Yet Four Weeks Later

Thursday marks four weeks since Zach got his cast off. (If you missed this whole summer saga, go back and read this and this.)

(The sound is a little annoying. I’m sorry about that. The neighbors’ pool filter is acting funny since Irene.)

The orthopedist gets almost giddy when he talks about how amazing kids are, how they heal so quickly. He tells me that it would take an adult three or four months to progress as far as Zach has in just three weeks.

Yes, kids are amazing. Knowing this, witnessing the miracles every day, how can anyone for a moment forget how amazing our Creator is? How can anyone deny that He exists? How can I stop praising Him for all He has done for me?

I can’t.


We’ve been so busy with PT appointments and getting ready for a new school year that I’ve not blogged lately. Some of you have questions. Here are a few details.

We continue to go to physical therapy three times a week, an hour each time. Zach does still have a limp, but we’re working on that.

He does stairs! If he holds my hand and the railing, he does them just like a normal six-year-old. If he’s by himself, he usually does the “bear crawl” up and a “bum scoot” down.

As for walking, he does have a walker which he uses whenever we go out or when he gets tired. Around the house, though, he walks all on his own, either limping or using the walls and furniture for support. We haven’t touched the wheelchair for at least two weeks now.

Now, tell me: How good is God?

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