No Other Gods

no other godsTomorrow begins my next string of teaching!

One thing I especially love about the way our church does Vacation Bible School is the inclusion of classes for adults. While the kiddos fill the sanctuary with music, skits and uninhibited volume, their parents can enjoy a free bagel, some coffee and their choice of Bible classes.

We’re offering four wonderful classes this year. One of our pastors is teaching about what it means to be a follower of Christ. We also have some very able teachers leading discussions on God’s promises and a parallel class to what the kids are learning each day. I am honored to be teaching a condensed version of Kelly Minter’s study No Other Gods.

It all started when, after a night of sharing frustrations with friends, the author encountered these verses:

“They worshiped the LORD,
but they also served their own gods.”

“Even while these people were worshiping the LORD,
they were serving their idols.”
— 2 Kings 17:33 and 41

As she read about this duplicity in ancient Israel, she wondered if we ever do that, too. Do we give God lip service then turn around to seek help or acceptance from other sources? Are we frustrated, like her friends had all shared the night before, because our affections are divided? We want to serve God, but we are seduced by our careers, by ambition, by friends, by … well, as Tenth Avenue North says: “all the pretty things.”

Kelly Minter’s book and the study I’ll be teaching this week is a journey of confronting our modern day idols. This isn’t just about carved images or professed gods. This is about who or what truly receives our devotion. Is it God? Or is it God and … ?

If you’re local

… and want to join us, we start tomorrow morning (June 25th) at Hawthorne Gospel Church. You can get all the details of VBS HERE. You can get details of my class HERE. Note that my class is a 5-part condensed version of the original book. Books are not required, but if you want to purchase one, some will be available on campus.

If you’re not local

… you can still benefit from this very worthy topic! Here are two ways:

  • Faithful Provisions is hosting this same study online — also beginning tomorrow! :) Follow THIS LINK for details about that. The study is 8 weeks long. You’ll need to purchase the workbook and join live facebook discussions at set times.
  • Bible Cafe for Women hosted an online version of this study a year ago. You can purchase the book or the workbook and then confer with their online notes and discussion. Everything is still up. You can see all related posts HERE.

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