Release Day! The new NIV Bible for Women

This is kind of a big day. Zondervan has released a new NIV Bible for Women. Nestled between the text of Scripture, readers will find articles and devotionals that offer “fresh insights for thriving in today’s world.”

Contributors include several prominent leaders of today, such as Margaret Feinberg, Rachel Held Evans, Christine Caine, Kristen Howerton, Annie Downs … and me.

DSC_0012Okay, so I’m not a prominent leader of today, by any stretch, but — how cool that I was invited to participate in this amazing project?!?

God is very good. I am regularly awed that He would take a relatively useless girl like me, with a past like mine, and do good things for His glory. It is such an honor.

It is this abundant grace that I write about. It is this grace that I seek to share with you each time I string words together, both for this publication and others. In this book you’ll find my humble offerings in 1 Samuel, 2 Kings, and 1 Chronicles.

I’m not gonna lie: I’m pretty stinkin’ psyched to have my name in something with Zondervan’s name on the back. I mean — WOW! This is really, really cool. :) Those who subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on facebook have known about this for a while. The pre-order has been available since last spring, but the book officially releases today.

You can purchase it at your local bookstore or order it online HERE

I have to send out a huge “THANK YOU!!” to all who have encouraged and supported me over the years.

You who know me best know I’ve toyed with quitting this writing gig more than once. There are days it’s just such a drag. I get discouraged and frustrated and my confidence plummets, yet some of you have really had my back.

You’ve reminded me time and time again of God’s faithfulness and His awesome ability to equip those He has called and to cover the gaps in our service.

You’ve taught me that hiding my scars helps no one; that letting them show can spotlight God’s healing nature, His endless love, and restorative power.

HE IS SO GOOD. This truth cannot be denied when I have friends and supporters such as you.

And that’s all I have to say about that … for now.


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