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I may not have blogged much lately, but I have been busy. In addition to caring for this adorable cripple …

… I’ve been writing for, a nifty website about all things food. It seems cake decorating is one of my favorite food topics to discuss and as such I’ve been assigned a number of pieces about it. My most recent piece, with Father’s Day being just around the corner, is about cake pops for dads. Take a peek.

Just try to tell me they’re not cute. They’re ADORABLE!! Even if I do say so myself, and I do say so. I can say so mostly because, while I may have come up with the ideas, it was my dear friend, Ervina, who pulled it off. She’s a baking and decorating genius.

If you want to know how we made them, CLICK HERE and read the whole article! And, if you don’t mind, while you’re there, vote for me in the right sidebar. The most popular blogger wins $150!

Let’s see … I’ve also been making some of these.

And polishing brass until my fingers were nearly nubs.

We recently had our front porch painted and our front door striped down to the original wood. Both the door and the handles are original to the 1920 house. Unfortunately, both looked every bit of their 90 years. The small piece (that you can hardly see against this table) shows what I started with. The other is what I worked toward.

I think they turned out pretty nicely.

Still antique-y, but without the green and black gunk. :)

So, what have you been up to?

Talk to me!

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