Newsworthy: What I’ve been reading and think you should, too.

I share links on this site a lot, usually hidden within posts drowning in my own thoughts. Every once in a while, though, I need to do a big linky dump. Today is one of those days.

Two of these I posted previously on facebook. I’ll not apologize for the redundancy. They’re that good.

To the Parents of Small Children …  This post written by Steve Weins is something every parent needs to hear … especially while in the asylum of Toddlerdom. Yes, we know time is fleeting and these moments are precious, but … well, this is true, too. Breathe. Relax. You’ll get through this. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.

Jamie the Very Worst MissionaryJamie Wright has recently filled her blog with a number of fabulous posts about the reality of missions. You know anything related to missions interests me. These pieces not only interested me, but challenged me, inspired me and even liberated few shouts of “HUZZAH!”

Sometimes Jamie’s style can be off-putting. She’s not your typical, sanitized American Christian, but that’s why people like her. She’s real. She’s blunt. She tells it like it really is, rarely with apology or content qualification. In this way, I would really like to be more like her.

Read these:

Jen Hatmaker‘s blog is one I read regularly. While missions is clearly a passion of mine, so is adoption and the care of orphans and widows. As such, her recent series — Examining the Ethics of Adoption — instantly attracted me.

Have you ever had something you really, really wanted to say, but while you waited for the right words or degree of courage, someone else said it first? Yup. That’s me and THIS ARTICLE.

Here are a few snippets:

“…if we are truly concerned about orphan care, international adoption simply cannot be where we concentrate all our efforts. It leaves too many children behind.”

“Every family deserves basic human rights, and I should not get to raise your child simply because I can feed him and you can’t.”

This piece is Part 3 of the series. Be sure to check out the others — Part One and Part Two. She packed each installment with heartfelt conviction, personal stories (she has adopted two children from Africa), statistics and practical application steps. What are we to do about this? How can we help? She gives readers an abundance of resources and ideas.

There are more … lots more newsbits that have struck me lately, but I’ll stop there. My personal facebook page holds a number of political/world news/pro-life links while both my writer page and twitter feeds provide publishing/literary/writer geek type links. Enjoy. :)

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What have you read recently that impacted you deeply? Share the links, so I can read it, too!

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