My first ever video-blog! {1 Kings 1-4}

In an attempt to save time and play with my birthday/Christmas/anniversary gift, I’ve created my first ever video blog. :) Please don’t judge me by the quality (or my glasses or appearance or frumpy yet warm sweater). I’m still learning.

Here is a re-cap of our Big Word discussion last night, a conversation about 1 Kings 1–4. If you missed the homework for this section, you can download it HERE. The video doesn’t cover all topics raised, only those that rose to be primary themes. The total running time is a touch over 13 minutes. Not bad for four chapters of the Old Testament. :)

One thing I want to correct from the video … the guy whose name I forgot was Benaiah. Benaiah was among David’s thirty mighty men. He is mentioned throughout 2 Samuel, most memorably in chapter 23 where he emerged victorious over a lion in a pit on a snowy day. He was a great man, one loyal to David, one who should have been honored by David’s sons. Adonijah did not invite him to his feast. This is significant to the story. Watch for Benaiah. He appears again in coming chapters.

Download our next bundle of homework here: HOMEWORK: 1 Kings 5-8.

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