May Ellie-isms & Zach Attacks

Here are a few quotes from the month of May. I’m also giving a few of Zach’s additions to our family dictionary. He likes to turn sound effects into verbs. I love it.

IMG_3777Me: “Do you want to take your bath with Ellie or by yourself?”
Zach: “I want to take a bath yesterday.” (He means “tomorrow.”)

Ellie, upon seeing downed wires: “Wow. There must be a really fat bird around here somewhere.”

Ellie: “How cute do I look?”

Me, after seeing Ellie jump and dance in the aisles at Payless: “Honey, do you need to go potty?”
Ellie: “No. I just love shoes SOOOO MUCH!!!”

IMG_3763Zach’s Dictionary:

  • Boop (verb) to push a button, as in “When I boop these buttons on my cell phone, I call Grandma.”
  • Hip (verb) to jump low; (noun) a half- hop, as in “Did you see me hip over that rope?”
  • Rum (verb) to rev an engine, as in “All racecars rum.”
  • Dead (verb) to kill, as in “Watch me dead that bug!”

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