March kid quotes

Thought I’d share a few of my favorite Ellie-isms and Zach Attacks from this month. Enjoy!


Ellie: “You know what? I’m going to have an idea now.”
Zach: (with finger extended toward the sky) “DING! I have an idea!”

Ellie: (shouted while running throughout the house on Easter Sunday) “Jesus is alive! Jesus is alive! Jesus is alive!!”

Zach: (after opening the Resurrection Egg which held the holy grail) “The Piston Cup!! I won the Piston Cup!”

Ellie: “I can’t wait to see my Father in Heaven. Won’t it be great, Mom?”

Zach: “Mom, (hiccup!) I want to love you, but I (hiccup!) can’t ’cause I have the kick-ups.”

Ellie: (spoken in quite the condescending voice about MY clothes) “Mom, those clothes are pretty, but I don’t think they’re nice enough for a tea party – are they?”

Ellie: “I need to put money in my piggy bank every day so I can get married.”
Me: “What’s the money for?”
Ellie: “I need money for my wedding. And I need to find a man to take my money and be my husband.”

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