Mama Loves: Teachable Moments

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about teachable moments in relation to faith and God. Talking about God with my kids is like breathing to me. We talk about Him all the time, and I absolutely LOVE the effect this has had on my kids. Little comments they make reveal what sinks in.

“You don’t need to be afraid because God loves you and
He protects us wherever we go.”

“Last night I prayed and I asked Jesus to live in my heart.
And HE DID IT!! I just know He did!”

“In the name of Jesus, I have strength to do GOOD things —
even when the bad things are more fun.”

I love it.

I love seeing the results, but more I love witnessing the moments when the light bulb goes off, when I can see they’re learning something new. I keep my eyes and ears open for little ways to “interrupt” our days to learn something new. Usually it’s about God and His truths, but sometimes the moments offer very different teaching opportunities.

Like this:



Running water led to a whole morning of exploration! We learned about plumbing, gravity and suction, floating devices and the earth’s rotation. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast! And don’t worry: plenty of hand-washing followed. :)

I love being a mom. I love taking advantage of teachable moments, whatever they may be and whenever they may come. It almost — ALMOST!! — makes me think I could survive homeschooling if I absolutely had to. Almost.

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