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Mama loves Forced Family Fun.

You know what I’m talking about. These family activities start out as a great idea for making memories but, for some reason, always involve tears by at least one member of your party and grumbling from another; most of the group ends up having a terrible day. Everyone wants to blame the person who planned it (usually the mom), but years later you all laugh about it. The memory isn’t at all what it was planned to be, but it’s still treasured and cherished as one of your family’s great bonding moments.

We had one such moment this weekend.

While at Target on a very blustery day, I spotted some kites and decided to take one home, all along having visions of wonderful family memories at the end of that string. I wanted Rick to be part of the experience (This was, after all, the kids’ first time flying a kite.), so we waited until Saturday. By then Ellie’s excitement overflowed!

We hiked over eight blocks to the nearest park with the fewest power lines (remember my children are 4 and 3 years old) during which time Ellie tripped (she’s going through a growth spurt, and her feet are grossly disproportionate right now) and bruised her knee on the pavement. Did I mention it was 34 degrees? So, yes, we hiked with our young, vulnerble preschoolers in freezing weather until we reached the park. There we found no wind, but an abundant littering of goose poop. The kids ran and played, dragging the kite behind them (through the aforementioned bird feces) until poor Zach could no longer feel his fingers. Ellie sobbed when we said it was time to go because she knew we just weren’t trying hard enough to fly the kite. “Mommy, if you were taller or if I could run faster …”

I’m still laughing. Don’t we make great memories?

Your turn! What happened this week that you can laugh about, praise God for or find a silver lining in? Comment or write a post and link up. I want to hear it!

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