Mama Loves & a couple Kid Quotes

This week I have been fully overwhelmed by the love I have for my kids. No, more than that. It’s like God has shown me in greater detail what an honor it is to be a mom. When I think about them, about the intense privilege it is to know them, to witness their growth (even if I do complain about its exponential rate) … emotion saturates my being. I told someone this week that it’s like Christmas every day. Being a mom, watching my kids learn and discover who God made them to be, it’s like every day I get a new present to open. I never know what it will be, and if I close my eyes or my heart I might miss it, but when I catch it opening … Wow.

I have no idea what God will do with these kids. Ellie has such a generous, compassionate heart. Zach is so witty, so funny and yet perfectly focused on details. He’s my cuddly little man, and she’s my sweet little mama. They both love one another to pieces. I watch them fight to bruises and blood over a junk Happy Meal toy, but the next minute they swear eternal devotion and protection to each other. God has taught me so much through them — about Him, about His power, about me, about love, about commitment, about grace and forgiveness.

Mama loves being a mama.

On a completely different note, I forgot to keep track of the December Ellie-isms and Zach Attacks. Here, however, are a few from this week.

Winter Dictionary

  • flirting = snowing lightly — ie: “Mama, look! It’s flirting outside!”
  • eggma = eggnog — ie: “Zach can’t drink eggma because it makes him spit up.”
  • Ho Ho Ho = Santa Claus — ie: “I just saw a statue of Ho Ho Ho and Ho Ho’s wife!”
  • I’m really true! = I’m not lying.

And here’s a story retold by Grandma. Since I didn’t witness this Ellie-ism, I may not quote it perfectly. Rick’s parents surprised us by taking the kids and treating us to dinner for our anniversary. While we were out, this is what Ellie shared.

“Grandma, can you keep a secret? I know what Mama and Daddy do after we go to bed! Don’t tell anyone. They study the Bible!”

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