Little House on the Prairie: The Musical

Guess what we did yesterday … I took Ellie to her first ever musical!! We had a great “Girls’ Day” with a couple friends.


Ellie wore another dress that my mother-in-law made. Remember when Caroline (on the TV show) bought nice fabric to make herself a dress, but then made dresses for Mary and Laura instead? Ellie’s dress reminded me of those.

The girls (both five years old) enjoyed the show, but not as much as their mamas.


Tracy and I went a little ga-ga. We were both weeping before the end of the show, and then when Melissa Gilbert took her curtain call (she played “Ma”) we got all emotional again! There’s just something about these stories and … *sigh* … It was cool. :)

By the way, if the show comes to your area (I have no idea where or for how long they’ll do it), take note that it follows the books and not the TV show or any of the resulting movies. (I was glad about that!) Kara Lindsay played “Laura” and Steve Blanchard played “Pa.” They were both fantastic! The whole cast was great, but they were my favorite players. My only complaint: they didn’t have soundtracks available. The musical offered several great, original songs, but they didn’t have any CDs to purchase.

They did have tee-shirts, but I couldn’t justify paying $25 for a “Little House” shirt I knew I would probably never wear in public. I was seconds away from buying a “Half Pint” tee-shirt for Ellie, but she wasn’t interested. Instead we got her a stuffed horse and named it “Barnum.”

It was a good day. Oh, and I have to say, my girl was PERFECT!! She sat quietly through the whole show and clapped in all the right places. She loved it. I was so proud of her!

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