Today I want to share with you a number of posts and other bits that have impacted me lately. Perhaps some of them will touch your hearts and minds, too.

I posted a few of these on my facebook page over the past week. If you’re not already following me there, now’s a good time to start. I don’t do these link round-ups on the blog too often, but I’m always posting interesting pieces on facebook. [Click here to visit me there.]

On Church and Doing it Well

  • Are Youth Groups Driving Teens to Abandon Faith? This piece talks about a recent survey of 20-somethings who had been churched, but are not disengaged from faith communities. Why? What sparked their exodus and what can the church do to improve?
  • To Current Pastors — From the Formerly “On Fire” Addie Zierman’s book — When We Were On Fire — is a memoir of her spiritual journey from passionate pursuit to jaded outsider back to somewhere in the middle. This post talks about common threads in the testimonies of those like her, those who were at one point “on fire” for God and then grew disenchanted with the church.
  • Why I Still Go to Church : This article comes from Relevant Magazine and lists five great reasons why we should still go to church, in spite of all its imperfections. I could so add to this list, but it’s a good place to start.

On Faith and Authenticity

“True believing is seated in desire and comes not out of obligation.”

YES. We cannot come to true belief without an honest desire to know God. Belief that comes from obligation is not faith, but legalism and ritual. I choose faith that comes in pursuing God daily.

TALK TO ME: What has impacted you this week? Do you have links or thoughts to share?


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