Learning to Be Less

On this particular day I’ve been invited to participate in:

  • a 5K to raise funds for my kids’ school
  • a 5K to raise awareness about human trafficking and support a local rescue home
  • a women’s brunch and Bible study at my church
  • a Community Day fair at our local park
  • drafting a petition involving local politics
  • a girls’ outing with my daughter
  • a trip to the batting cages with my son

Those are just the events and activities for today. I didn’t bother to list those from last night, the previous week or the upcoming week. Nor did I itemize the fistful of writing projects and graphic design assignments, the emails waiting to be sent, or the house full of tasks long overdue.

I can’t do everything. I’m learning that that’s okay. I don’t need to be involved in every cause. I need not attend every argument, event or celebration. I can’t be everything to everyone.

I’m learning to be less.

And so today, if you knocked on my door well after 11am, you’d find me in my husband’s pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt. I’m not attending either 5K (I don’t run anyway.) or the women’s brunch. If it doesn’t rain, I may visit Community Day later, but only if my kids are into it. I’m seizing a bit of liberty.

I’m choosing to be less.

Perhaps few of you noticed, but this is my first blog post since May. Don’t think for a moment that I’ve had nothing to say. If you follow me on facebook, you know better than that. But too many of those words don’t belong here. They’re too personal. Some too political. Most too well said by others for me to offer an inferior echo.

My life has been full, and I refuse to feel guilty about it. My quiet seasons typically come in summer. There’s a reason for that: school breaks. Every work-at-home parent understands the difficulties of trying to produce well with kids in your space twenty-four hours a day. And one thing I know … cs lewis children

I recently read that by the age of 14 most girls have a negative view of motherhood. They’re convinced, by that age, that there are other, more important choices for their lives. Careers. Pursuits. Travel. Titles. Accomplishments that can be easily measured and framed. This saddens me to no end.

I’m all about exploring gifts and talents and opportunities! (Obviously. I only possess 18 different jobs and regular endeavors.) But let us not neglect those so vital right in front of us.

I want my children to know, without a doubt, that being their mother and showing them by example how to pursue God is the most important part of who I am.

The. Most. Important. Part.

And so I choose to be less so that I can be more for them. I choose to be less so I can be more for my husband. I choose to be less so I can be more for myself and more fully devoted to my God.

I have every intention of getting back to a regular blog schedule. I am still writing; I’m just not publishing much here. But I will. Soon. And I look forward to connecting more with you then.


Are there things in your life pulling you away from your most important work? What steps might you take to re-arrange those priorities?

Have you ever taken a season of rest to be less? What benefits did you find in that?

Talk to me!

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