Knives vs. Thumbs: Never take your thumbs for granted.

Be forewarned: This is a quirky “my life” post that has absolutely nothing to do with Bible study or finding God “in the dailies.” It’s pretty much just me … in my typical dailies.

This is my weapon of choice.

Wustoff 10"

It’s beautiful and sharp and it just makes me so happy and giddy and … well, I’m kind of having a love affair with this knife.

My husband bought me the set — a whole set of them!! — last year when they went on major sale — seriously MAJOR sale — at a local chef’s shop. I introduce them to my friends when they come over. I haven’t even opened all the knives in the set because … well, they’re just SO SPECIAL. They’re special and sharp and I don’t even need all the knives in the set because this one, this one is my favorite. It’s 10″ of gloriously precise chopping, slicing beauty. You should see this thing go through a tomato. Unbelievable. Or a watermelon! I know: I sound like an infomercial. These knives are THAT spectacular.

This, unfortunately, is the often and very sorry victim of my weapon.

Well, except it’s my left thumb, and this is a picture of someone’s right thumb. I would show you a picture of my thumb except that it’s covered in bandages (you don’t want to see it without the bandages), and I’m having trouble working my camera without that thumb.

There are several things, I’ve learned within the past 18 hours, that I cannot do well without my left thumb. For example:

  • Texting
  • Effectively (and painlessly) pull jeans up or down
  • Put in contacts
  • Discreetly scratch the inside of one’s nose
  • Open resealable bags
  • Work zippers

And then, of course, there’s all the grabbing and lifting and other reasons why God gave us opposable thumbs. All that is quite painful today.

Good news: the soup was delicious.

Two culinary side notes:

  1. I used curry powder instead of curry paste. I also added a touch of coconut cream to the coconut milk and garnished with garlic croutons instead of the peanuts. So good.
  2. I HIGHLY recommend these knives. Seriously, they are amazing. Totally worth losing a finger (or thumb) tip every now and again. I hear those things grow back anyway.

Other good news: My thumb is fine or will be fine in a few days, AND no one found the remnant in their soup. We’re not quite sure what happened to the tip (it was small); at least no one choked on it.


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