Kid Quotes for February

It’s time for this month’s issue of Ellie-isms and Zach Attacks. Enjoy!

Ellie: “I know just about everything except for how old you are.”

Zach, while watching the garbage men: “They are just the coolest mans EVER!”

Ellie: “Only three more sleeps ’til Granny gets here!”

Zach, just before starting a new art project: “I’m gonna go stamp it up.”

Ellie: “I have a great idea. On Saturday when I come down the stairs you all jump and say ‘Surprise! Happy birthday!’ and then I will say ‘Oh, thank you! I’m so surprised!’ and I’ll be so happy. Isn’t that a good idea?”

Zach: “Let’s have a race.”
Ellie: “Okay.”
Both: “One …”
Zach: “THREE! I win!!”

Zach: “Oh, look at this koala. He’s SO CUTE! He has pink snots.”
Translation: “I really like the pink nostrils in this illustration of a koala.”

Ellie: “When Granny gets here she’s going to sleep in my room. I want her to sleep in my spot where I usually sleep and I’ll sleep on the other side of my bed where I sleep when there’s too much pee-pee on my favorite side.”

Zach: “Mommy, I burped.”
Me: “You did? Why did you do that?”
Zach: “I’m a boy, Mom. That’s just what boys do.”

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