June Ellie-isms

Our Isabel has a funny way of looking at life. This month was FULL of her Ellie-isms. Enjoy!

I hope I be a man someday.”

While in Target … “Hello! My name is Very Good Customer.”

“My hand is pwetending the curtain is her mommy and daddy.”

“It’s waining. It’s pouring. It is so waining us never gonna play soccer!! I so fwustwated.”

“You be looking like you need help.”

While helping me fold laundry … “When I grow up I going wear a bra bigger than this and my boobies won’t be floppy.”

Me: “Who is in charge?”
Ellie: “Mommy.” After a long pause and spoken a little quieter: “I’m a little in charge.”

“Why is Daddy dancing like that?” said while watching Rick edge the yard with a weed-wacker.

“Mommy, can I kick Grandma today? We’re going to do a lot of kicking at the park.” Before you think our children are abusive …Our kids love to pretend to kick the people pushing them while they swing. No grandmothers were injured at the park, I promise.

“I need a napkin. I spilled email on my chin, and Zachary put email on the table.” Translation: “We got OATMEAL everywhere!”

Me: “Why doesn’t your baby have any clothes?”
Ellie turned the doll over and pointed to her bottom: “You see this crack? Her not need any that’s why she has this crack.”
“Mama, can you talk without saying ‘mm-hmmm, mm-hmmm’?”

“I be thinking I want to have some fun with you!”

Me: “Did you hear a story at VBS today?”
Ellie: “No. We just had a special lady come in and talk about Moses. Then she told me to be quiet.”

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