June Ellie-isms and Zach Attacks

It’s time for our monthly dose of kid quotes. This month was a little heavy with Zach Attacks and light on the Ellie-isms. ENJOY!

I’ll start us off with a conversation repeated almost daily during the half hour of quiet before bedtime. We go to our room (affectionately known as “The Cave”) and the kids either watch a short video in the living room or play quietly in their separate rooms. Zach knocks on our bedroom door to which Rick and I respond: “Who’s there?”
Zach: “Zachary.”
Us: “Zachary who?”
Zach pops his head inside the door to say: “Zachary Little Boy.”
Me: “Baby, you’re name is Zachary Dennis, not Zachary Little Boy. When we ask who’s there, you say ‘Zachary Dennis.'”
Zach: “Oh. Okay, Mom.”
He goes back outside and starts over. Knock, knock.
Us: “Who’s there?”
Zach: “Zachary Little Boy Dennis.”

Zach: “I went poopy!”
Rick: “I don’t see anything.”
Zach: “Pretend you do. I so happy!”

Ellie: “Mommy, you’re amazing!”

Zach: “I made pee-pee!”
Me: “When?”
Zach: “I win!”

Ellie, announced loudly while placing Cinderella pearls around my neck: “Attention, everyone!! This award is for Mommy because she is a nice mommy and she made me dinner and it has a singing shoe!”

After surviving a day of potty-training and preparing a massive outdoor meal for my family, I sat down ready to eat.
Zach: “I want a hot dog?”
Me, incredulous: “You serious?”
Zach: “No. My cereal is in the kitchen. I want a hot dog right here.” (pointing to his plate)

Ellie: “MOM!!! I saw an anthill and Zach stepped on that anthill. Then I saw the ants all sad! And now those ants have nowhere to live!”

Zach: “ROAR!!!”
Me: “Look out! There’s a lion!”
Zach: “Mom. I’m not a lion; I’m a puma.”

Ellie: “That’s not a bear. That’s a poking-pine.” (Translation: porcupine)

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