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Okay, it’s time for a confession. Having a December birthday kinda sucks. At least it used to. Now, thanks to facebook, it’s just really awkward.

For 30-some years my day was forgotten, hidden in the hubbub and excitement of Christmas. And that’s cool. I mean, if we’re going to celebrate a birth, I’d much rather celebrate the Messiah’s than mine! But this shadow-dwelling conditioned me a bit. I expect very quiet passages of my birthday. It’s nice to stealthily slip from one age to another, relatively unnoticed.

Then came facebook to remind the entire world that I’m a year older. Now, rather than being a private affair, December 17th turns into a massive exercise in keeping up with all the well-wishes and virtual blowing of candles. I’m so grateful! Really, I am! But it goes completely against my conditioning, making my birthday quite possibly the most uncomfortable day of the year.

So, I decided to shift attention. Today is my birthday but YOU get a gift.

Just click on the image below to download your free copy.

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Don’t have a Kindle? That’s okay! You can download the free Kindle app for use on your phone, tablet or PC and read this book — and other Kindle titles — just the same! Click here to explore the app.

The best part about this gift? (Other than the encouragement you’ll find in its pages!) You can share the love. Post a link on your favorite social media platforms, tell your friends, or gift it to someone!

Want to give me something back? Post a review! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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