Interrupted, but not Ruined

This morning my day looked bright. Rainy, but good, because I had nothing I had to do. I saw hours stretched out before me, ready to fill with uninterrupted work and chores around the house. This may not seem exciting to you, but to a mama who has been stretched a little thin, these prospects felt almost luxurious.
All in all, it looked like a great day.

Then I got a flat tire while taking the kids to school. Okay, a little blip. No big deal.

The local gas stations (both of them) offered no working air pumps, so I went home and, after verifying that our membership was still active (a process that felt rather like pulling on a frayed string), called AAA. I waited an hour for them to come, using that time to continue pulling and tying all those loose strings.

The dog made quite a stink when they finally arrived. I stood in the dining room with my phone in one hand, keys in the other; customer service in one ear and loud, incessant barking in the other; and two tow truck guys on the front porch holding the pieces of my doorbell that literally fell apart in their hands.

They worked in the rain (and in spite of the still-barking dog) to get the spare out, the jack up, and all the necessary pieces in place … and then discovered that the key to our wheel lock system didn’t fit. I checked every single compartment in that van (and there are many!) for the right piece. Rick had driven to work (an hour away), so I couldn’t check his car to see if they’d been switched. Something must have been misplaced when we got new tires last summer. And so, still in the rain, they put everything back where it was and left.

Fast-forward through another call with Rick, another call with AAA, a call to the Honda station, and a quick attempt to find something to eat. Another hour went by before the same two tow truck guys returned, this time to take me and my disabled vehicle to the dealership.

Those poor young men were soaked to the bone. Forget rain; it was now a full-on down-pour. Their jackets covered the defrost in an attempt to dry out. The driver wrung rivers from his gloves. We could barely see out the windshield, and yet we arrived safely.

My car now sits somewhere in the bowels of this massive complex, waiting to be repaired. Meanwhile I sit in the “quiet room” with a hot cappuccino and a free bagel. My sweatshirt is still cold and damp, but I have a fully-charged laptop, a phone, and the liberty to be here.

My day is still bright.

I could have all sorts of negative thoughts right now, but none abide. My whole day has been derailed and yet — all I can do is thank God that I have this liberty.

I have the flexibility to be here. I have a job that lets me work anywhere and a boss and clients that understand life happens. I have kids safe in school and a husband safe at his workplace. I have a dog who (eventually) obeys and will gladly sleep in his crate until I come home and he covers me with kisses.

I’m soaked. I’m tired. I’m interrupted, but my day is far from ruined.

There’s a meme that has been going around that encourages objectivity.

bad day.jpg

We have choice in how to view our days. Our lives. Our families. Our jobs. Our situations. Everything. 

We can curse the rain and the interruptions OR we can praise the One who sustains us through them. 

We can stew in our negativity and bitterness OR we can seek new opportunities we may not have ever encountered otherwise.

Your life isn’t as out of control as you might think. Oh, it’s out of your control, but how you view it, how you live through it, is totally up to you. And what you choose to do there may make all the difference in the world.

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