In which I babble, attempting to recount my awesome weekend at Re:Write2012

This weekend was amazing.  I hardly know where to begin, but I do know that if I postpone this any longer, a hoard of people bearing torches may come knocking on my front porch. I say that with extreme endearment. You guys are simply fabulous. Not only have you prayed for me, but so many of you have sent me texts, tweets, even cards with a stamp and everything just to let me know that you believe in me and in the mission God has given me. THANK YOU. Thank you for loving and supporting me the way you do.

Re:Write was unlike any conference I’ve ever attended. I’ve been to a handful of writers conferences in the past, and they’re all great, but this one was truly unique. What made it so was the size (maybe 100 people?), the speakers (HUGE names like Mark Batterson, Wm. Paul Young, George Barna, Ken Blanchard … You can see the list and read their bios here.) and the accessibility of those speakers. I mean, I ate breakfast with the “most connected man in America,” Peter Strople, and the author of The Shack. It was so surreal and yet completely affirming. (They said I was a beautiful crier.)

Joel Clark expressed (much better than I can at the moment) some of my thoughts here. Every speaker oozed humility and genuine generosity. They were wise, transparent, faithful and so tremendously encouraging. (Well, George Barna’s speech on the statistics and reality of publishing’s future was a bit depressing, but he ended on a good note. I may have to write more on that another day.)

So, what happened?

Let me get to the nitty-gritty. When I posted about this trip two weeks ago, I mentioned a potential meeting with an agent. I know many of you were praying about it and want to know what happened. Well, it didn’t happen. There were some communication issues, and I didn’t learn of the appointment time until after I was on my way home. Hopefully we can still talk; it just won’t be face-to-face.

I’m okay with that. Really.

All along my prayer was that God would grant me contentment regardless of what did or did not happen, that I would seize any opportunity to serve others and glorify Him, be the opportunity big or small. I am His and He is sovereign so what have I to fret?

I am thoroughly encouraged and thrilled that I went. Yes, I had specific hopes, but God had plenty of unexpected treasures in store for me … stuff that I’ll have to share with you tomorrow when my mind is less mushy, overwhelmed and tainted by jetlag.

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