I’m overcommitted … and loving it.

to doToday’s schedule and task list:

Dawn : PRAY, get up, answer emails, send last minute notes to team members for upcoming events (see below), shower and get dressed.

Morning rush : Make coffee, pack lunches, dress children, feed children, feed husband, keep everyone relatively quiet while husband attends work conference call, verify that all homework and papers have been signed and packed in the proper backpacks, get out the door by 8 am, drive children to school in 8-degree weather.

Sometime between now and noon I must:

  • unload car (furniture shopping yesterday)
  • do dishes and clean kitchen
  • do laundry — Don’t forget to find matching pj’s for Ellie’s talent show tonight!
  • get birthday gift for 10-year-old birthday party tomorrow
  • get balloons
  • confirm Square set-up; align accounts
  • submit article to MPKPress
  • email Susan, Lauren, Ann, Sarah, Kerri, Arlene, Melanie …
  • outline editorial calendar and confirm client schedules for next week
  • write and send Big Word reminder for next week
  • make progress on the basement clean-up
  • blog posts (??)

1:00 pm : Video interview for Justice Network and #HTchallenge initiative

3:00 pm : Pick-up children from school, be sure to have snacks in the car, bring Kindles, pencils, pjs and hair ties — Don’t forget the balloons, registration lists and Square card. Bring camera!

3:20 pm : Arrive at church; begin set up for Feed My Starving Children event.

5:00 pm : Order pizza — hopefully be done with FMSC set-up, things running smoothly

5:20 pm : Dinner

6:15 pm : Be at the school

7–9 pm : Talent Show

Bedtime rush … Um, yeah.

So, that’s just today.

I have 0 days until FMSC — and event where over 800 volunteers gathering to pack 150,000 meals before 5 pm tomorrow. A precious friend and I are in charge of the whole event.

I have 2 days until I speak at a world movement Perspectives class about Justice Network, human trafficking and how Christians can be actively involved in pursuing justice.

I have 6 days until Big Word resumes and Wonderstruck launches.

I have 9 days until the #HTchallenge.

I have 13 days until we leave for vacation.

I have 2 additional speaking events in the next two months, plus two ongoing classes to teach and a moonlighting gig to sustain.

I may be over-committed … but I am loving my life. The funny thing is that I’m not stressed. A number of verses have been running through my head … Proverbs 14:30–34 … but mostly Proverbs 31.

I’ve been reading Ever After by Vicki Courtney. Great book, by the way! In it she writes this:

“The virtuous woman serves her family because she first serves God. She is strong for the task because she draws her strength from God. She ministers to the poor out of an overflow of what God gives her. She is efficient because she views her work as a divine calling rather than a job. She can laugh at the days to come because she finds her joy in the Lord (and knows that the future belongs to Him anyway!).”

I know this crazy week, this over-stuffed time in my life will pass. I also know that God will sustain me while it persists. I know that He blesses those who work hard for His name sake. In this knowledge I rejoice. I rejoice in my crazy, over-committed, sleepless existence. I am so very, very blessed in this saturated life.

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