If I Were a Homeschool … {the start of a series}

Every time I have thought about writing this post, Fiddler on the Roof rolls in and through my brain: “If I were a rich man homeschool … la da da da da da da da dee da da da da!”

homeschooloI am not a homeschooler in the formal sense of the term, but I am a parent and every parent is a homeschooler, whether acknowledged or not. We may not assume full responsibility for our children’s education, but we are still their primary educators. Any success we might have in that role depends entirely on how seriously we take it.

Our kids attend public school, but I supplement their studies at home. Most of that centers on faith training, but I try to fill whatever gaps I notice. That may include economics, handwriting, history or science. Basically, I do the fun stuff. I like it that way. But every once in a while I dream about homeschooling full-time.

We got a taste of “real” homeschooling when Zach broke his leg three years ago. He couldn’t attend the last month of classes, so I tutored him at home. The accident (and subsequent body cast) prevented us from doing much that summer, so I added Ellie to our little homeschool for the next couple months. It went BEA-U-TIFULLY! Seriously, way better than expected.

Ever since then, the debate over schooling regularly rises, most often during tougher times with their regular classes or teachers. Zach recognizes the efficiency and expediency of one-on-one teaching. He consistently declares formal schooling as “a waste of [his] time.” Ellie, on the other hand, focuses her proposals more on vacation schedules, flexibility and being “with Mommy all the time!”

So, why didn’t we stick with it? Well, that’s a topic for another blog post.

In the meantime, our kids spend all year looking forward to Summer Homeschool.

I may only homeschool part-time, but I have found some excellent resources that I’d love to share with all of you! That’s the focus of the blog this week. Over the next few days I will talk about:

  • Planning, Organization and Keeping the kids motivated
  • Field Trips (and some tools to make the most of them)
  • Resources that I love

Please note that I will not talk about philosophies or curricula. Rather I’ll introduce tips, books, tools and games that I’ve used to teach art, history, religion, literature, writing, math and economics.

ALSO THIS WEEK: We’ll have an interview with author, Ali Dent, about her exciting new book, LitClub. I cannot wait to tell you about this fantastic resource!

We’ll start the discussion tomorrow. In the meantime …

Talk to me: Have you ever considered homeschooling? What contributing factors dictated your final decision?

Talk to me!

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