I shouldn’t blog today.

Let’s see … considering my absolute lack of sleep last night, my wacky hormones this week and the snarky attitude that seems to have attacked me this morning, all of which have left me with barely a thread of emotional stability, I should probably just stay clear of living beings today. Even those who only know me through this blog.

The world would probably be safer that way.

However, after my last post, I fear some of you may be waiting for an update. Here it is: we’ve got at least two more weeks of the cast.

We had everything all set for the cast to come off yesterday. We had plans for what to do after and how to celebrate. It was a big day, and everyone was excited.

Unfortunately, the bones have not yet fully healed as expected.

Fortunately, we have a doctor who is conservative with these things and, even though he had told us yesterday was the day, he now has us keeping the cast a bit longer in order to avoid a second break.

In two weeks we go back for another set of x-rays and then they’ll decide. If they’re still not where the doc would like them to be, we will continue going back each week until they are. They say we’re probably around 80% toward fully healed. They also say that if he did a little weight-bearing on that leg, it would heal faster. But we can’t do any weight-bearing because of the shape and angle of the cast. So, we wait. We just keep doing what we’ve been doing: sitting, waiting, staying out of the heat, giving sponge baths, changing sheets every day, trying to reach itches that can’t be reached

This isn’t the end of the world.

I know that, but I’m still really, really bummed. Zach has been a trooper. It ripped my heart out to see him silently crying on that medical table when he heard the news, but by the time we got home, he was back to his usual up-beat demeanor. His father and I, however, spent the better part of the day sulking and trying not to complain in front of the kids. This is our entire summer vacation! It stinks. I’m not happy about it at all, and I am desperately struggling to understand the point of this. I mean, what am I supposed to be learning? Is this preparing us for something? If so, I’d love to know what that is, because nothing has been made evident yet.

Author Kathi Macias wrote on her blog today about how God’s intentions toward us are kind.

This sure doesn’t feel kind. It feels laborious. Unnecessary. Hurtful.

In spite of how I feel, I know what I know and that is that God is always good to us. He is always in control, and His strength never runs out. I know that He loves us and that this will one day pass. I know that His concern is not for our comfort, but for our character, that we might become more like Jesus so that He may be glorified. I know what I know.

Today’s task is to not let what I feel make me forget what I know.

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