HELP! I’m twitterpated.

This was supposed to be my week of random posts. Taking a vacation from my typical content of Bible study and missional living, I would offer a parade of inconsequential nothingness. I started with our Disney countdown and then … well, somewhere between then and now my inconsequential nothingness turned into simply nothing. I got twitterpated.

Okay, so it wasn’t completely like that, but pretty close. I hopped on Twitter, caught up on a little news and then, the next thing I knew, I had wasted an entire day chatting with strangers, reading a million-and-two articles (all fully unrelated to any current assignments or projects) and retweeting all those I liked best.

Pinterest got in on the action, too. I thought in 140 characters, I pinned like a mad woman. Super cute stuff, but not at all the best use of my time.

So here I sit, Friday afternoon, with very little to show for my week.
I love Twitter. I do. But there are some major problems that come with it. Wasting time is only one of the hazards. The bigger, more lasting problem relates to content and the decay of communication. Between desiring to be “re-tweetable” and “liked”, we’ve turned into a culture that thinks in blurbs.twitter-follow-achiever Short. Pithy. Witty.

Some stories, however, can’t fit into a blurb.

And some blurbs should be kept to ourselves.

By shoving what is worthy of more than a blurb into a few short sentences, we strip messages of their full and intended impact. Meanwhile, sharing everything leads us to believe that all things hold equal importance. This week I’ve been twitterpated. As such, I’ve deemed too many irrelevant things important and simultaneously failed to spend adequate time on those things more worthy.

It’s a big problem. One I plan to fix … or at least fight on a personal level. Now to discover how …

Your Turn: How do you fight twitterpation? Do you have any tips for keeping the important and unimportant things in their rightful places?

Talk to me!

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