A subtle sneak in the backdoor

I don’t want to startle anyone, so I’ll just whisper a quick little “Hello.”

It has been almost three months since my last blog post. I’ll not apologize and I certainly don’t feel guilty. It has been a wonderful season, centered on my family and on rest and … I’ve loved every moment of it.

For the past six months the back of my car (Yes, I still refuse to call it a “minivan.”) has looked like this:


Okay, I’ll be honest. This photo was taken on a good day. Most days would have shown piles of sand, wet beach towels, extra clothes, a flat of bottled water or Gatorades, and at least one bag of snacks or groceries.

Our summer was filled with baseball and tennis, hikes and adventures and long days at the pool (which is actually a chlorinated lake with sand bottom and beach front). We’ve hit the shore and the driving range; gone bowling and mini-golfing; seen shows and minor league baseball games. We had sleepovers with friends, Grandparent Camp, and a lovely staycation. All in all … Wow.

You’ll allow a quick photo gallery, right?

Summer is my season of Sabbath.

Lazy mornings.
Pajama days.
Board games for hours.
No schedules. No demands.

My summers, of course, are not without work. I still have a job (or three) and my kids and house still need attention. But I’m able to re-adjust expectations and priorities. We, as a family, are able to live in tangible freedom.

How good is our God that He grants us rest? 

We have this crazy idea that if we just work harder our lives will be better. I’ll not refute the value of hard work, but let us not forget the importance of hard rest. We are not meant to toil our lives away. God created us for His pleasure and He has given us abundant lives to treasure. Friends and family to enjoy and a glorious world to explore.

photo (1)

Yes, work hard. But remember to rest, too.

Now that the kids are back to school and I’m back to work, expect regular blog post to come back soon, too. I have much in the works, many thoughts I long to share with you. Stay tuned, dear friends.

Rest always prepares us for what’s ahead. I believe we have much ahead of us, much to celebrate and learn and prompt us toward action and glory for our King. He is so worthy.

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