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I’m back! Well, trying to be back. It’s been a crazy week. A GREAT week! But crazy. This morning I lack enough time and lucidity for one of my normal, introspective posts, so I’m going to take a cue from Kellie and make a list for Gretchen‘s “Gladitudes” exercise.

1. I’m glad that VBS went so well! We had a lot of kids. I’m not sure how many, but I’m guessing around 600, maybe more. This is a big deal because a lot of the public schools didn’t let out until after our program began. PRAISE GOD that we still had so many come!

2. I’m also glad that VBS raised so much for our missionaries. Offerings collected throughout the week are going to two different camps: one is for special-needs kids and the other is a woman from our church now working at a camp in Montana. Yes, we had our very own Hannah Montana. :) Anyway, the kids raised almost $1700 for these excellent ministries! In addition to these, the kids also brought in food for a local food pantry. A LOT of food! It was so cool to see the kids get excited about helping people in need.

3.I’m glad that my Bible study went well! Throughout the week I had 22 people come to my class — way more than I expected. I loved every minute of it. Well, except for the two minutes on Friday when I broke down in tears, but c’mon. Can anyone really not cry when talking about Simeon and the emotions he must have felt as seeing the Savior of the world in the flesh? He waited his whole life to witness the fulfillment of that promise! Yes, I’m emotional, but I can’t help it. We serve an awesome God. He overwhelms me regularly.

If you were part of the class, you’ll remember I referenced a painting by Ron DiCianni. This is the print: Simeon’s Moment. Can you see why I cry? It’s gorgeous.

Simeon's Moment

4. I’m glad that even though the weatherman predicted rain all week, we made it through every morning of VBS with little more than a few drops. It was perfect.

5. I’m glad that we got to spend Saturday with family. My brother came up from Philly with his wife and their two boys. We had a wonderful time playing baseball in the front yard and the kids swam a bit in the back. Very cool.

6. I’m glad my sweet brother brought me a sunflower plant. I’ve never had a sunflower before! It’s so pretty. Today I plan to pot it properly for our patio. (I also plan to stop using alliterated sentences.)

7. I’m glad that the behemoth groundhog who resides somewhere in a four-house radius has not yet destroyed my tomato plant. He ate all our mulberries, tulips and lilies, but so far he’s stayed away from my roses and my tomatoe plant. That makes me very happy.

8. This is very exciting!! Since I’m stuck on plant-talk, I have to tell you: I’m so glad that our new neighbors (whom I believe are flippers) landscaped their backyard this weekend! Here’s the deal. We would like a little more privacy in our backyard, but are afraid to put in a privacy fence. The neighbors to the right of us installed a privacy fence just a couple months after we moved in. All the neighbors (on ALL sides of the block) apologized profusely to us, explaining that these neighbors were snooty, reclusive and just “not right.” They then assured us that our precious daughter (8 months old at the time) was not “THAT loud” and they all thought she was very cute. Well, she was cute, but we had taken no initial offense at the fence, but after hearing everyone’s apologies, we were a little … well, offended. We actually LIKED the privacy fence, but, after all the hub-bub, have been afraid of neighbor judgment and alienation if we were to install one ourselves. Plan B was to strategically plant hedges and trees in order to create natural privacy. As we weighed the cost and the plan and how much yard we actually wanted to consume, a sight from the kitchen window caught our attention. Our beautiful new (flipper) neighbors re-landscaped their whole fenceline at the back of our property!! Yup. Trees, bushes, lovely long grasses … it’s wonderful. We get the privacy (kind of) and didn’t have to pay a dime. Woo-hoo!

9. I’m glad that I have a few days “off” in which to catch up around here. This poor house has been pitifully neglected for the last couple weeks. Laundry piles have reached record heights and I can’t remember the last time our cupboards and fridge were this sparsely stocked.

You had me at goodbye10. I’m glad to have found a new author! I tend to find one I like and then read everything written by that person. This works well because I feel secure trusting a known author. But it sucks when I read faster than the author writes and then I’m stuck with nothing new to read. Have I mentioned that I love my Kindle? Well, I do. One of the reasons why is because I get the first few chapters of any book for free. I can read those without paying a nickel, then decide if I want to buy the book. It’s so much easier than trying to corral two preschoolers in Barnes & Noble while I decide whether or not I like a specific new-to-me author. Anyway, thanks to Kindle (Oh, I love my husband and how well he knows me!! Thank you again, Rick, for the best-ever Mother’s Day gift!! EVER!!) I discovered Tracey Bateman. I read this book over the weekend and am already part way into another. She’s funny, witty, smart … I love it. If you liked Camy Tang’s Sushi series, you’ll love Tracey Bateman’s Drama Queens series. They’re contemporary, sassy, authentic … just fun reads. Grab a couple for the summer.

I have woefully exceeded my online time for the morning. Gotta run!

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