Gladitudes in Winter

When we moved here last summer, I knew I would be walking our kids to school every day.  I knew winters would be no shorter here than they were in our last town, a mere six miles away. It was then that I resolved not to complain about winter.

Those of you who know me well know that I am not a snow bird. I like snow, but only when I’m inside wrapped in a fuzzy blanket with a good book and nowhere to go. Without fail Rick must remind me every year why we live in this region that boasts a four-to-six-month winter.

I determined to stay positive this year … but after 40+ inches of the wet, white fluffy stuff, my resolve has begun to dissolve.

Gretchen hasn’t done her gladitudes since last summer, but today I’m in some real need. So I’m going rogue … or solo … or whatever you want to call it. I’m hijacking her theme. Hopefully she’ll forgive me for the theft. Today, as I sat in a home bereft of electricity while the ice continued to accumulate out my window, I grew very thankful.

  1. I’m grateful for a fireplace. I’ve never had one before! After over six hours without heat, our house had begun to feel like a giant refrigerator, but my lovely brick fireplace kept our kitchen quite cozy. I cuddled in front of it praising God that the kids were safe at school and that I had a book to read.
  2. I’m grateful for a gas stove. May I add that I drank hot tea while reading my book in front of the fireplace? I mean, how perfectly picturesque is that?!
  3. I’m grateful for a loving, protective husband who shovels snow in his suit pants and cleans off my car in sleet, all before he goes to work.
  4. I’m grateful that my kids are able to “unplug” and still be content. We enjoy our computers and TV and all that, but we survive just fine without them, too.
  5. I’m grateful that Starbucks is only six blocks away and that they didn’t lose electricity.
  6. I’m grateful that in twenty-four days I will be in Florida. (The kids still don’t know we’re taking them out of school for a week in Disney! Shhhh!!! I am beyond excited about this!!)
  7. I am grateful that in three months (or less, if we’re lucky), winter will be over and spring buds will grace our front yard.
  8. I am so very grateful for summer! And I know that without these long, bitter-cold winters, I may not appreciate my June, July and August near as much as I do.

Your turn: What are you grateful for today?

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