Giving Tuesday

Winston Churchill

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It has been said that only in America will we pummel each other for stuff we don’t need the day after giving thanks for all the stuff we already have. I find it amusing in a morbid sort of way. It’s true: We are an obsessively consumeristic society. The really disturbing part is what lies beneath all of that.

Beneath all the shopping, deal hunting and product hoarding, we’re searching for happiness. For fulfillment. For LIFE.

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” — Joseph Campbell

Now I enjoy a deal just as much as the next person. I enjoy having nice things. I want a beautiful home, too. Having stuff is not a problem. Wanting stuff isn’t a problem either. The problem comes in never having enough.

Last week we had Black Friday. Yesterday was Cyber Monday. Today is Giving Tuesday. I have to ask — both of you and myself — are we as active today in our giving as we were on Friday and Monday in our getting?

I’m late in getting this post up, so my words may not impact your actions today. But today is not the only day we can give. Today is not the only day that we can make a difference in the world through our generosity.

Looking for a place to start? Here are a few of my favorite organizations participating in Giving Tuesday.

  1. IJM (International Justice Mission) : All donations made on Giving Tuesday are subject to doubling by an anonymous donor, up to $15,000. Make a difference for freedom and justice.
  2. Not For Sale : This is an anti-trafficking organization that does great work AND that has a matching donor for Giving Tuesday.
  3. Polaris Project : Here you can purchase items that will help survivors of human trafficking make a new life. Gifts go to rescued victims and their children. (This site is also a massive resource for facts and studied on human trafficking and its global impact. HUGE resource!)
  4. The Seed Company : End Bible poverty by supporting needed funds for Scripture translation around the world.
  5. World Vision : Sponsor a child, check out the gift catalog or make a one-time donation to fight poverty, provide aid and spread the Gospel throughout the nations.

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite organizations or ways to give? How do you foster contentment and generosity in your home?

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