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Most of these are limited time offers intended to introduce you to a new author or a new series. Get them TODAY, if you can, because some of the offers expire tomorrow. ALWAYS check the prices before you purchase.

You don’t need an ereader to take advantage of these deals! Amazon offers a Kindle for PC app for free download. If you get the books now and some lovely person decides to get you a Kindle for Christmas or your birthday, you’ll still have those books and can even move them over to your new device at that time. So, don’t wait!

One last thing: I have not read all of these books. While I don’t include titles of highly questionable material, I cannot be held responsible for all content. Please use your own discretion.

Castaway Kid (Focus on the Family Books)

Nook Link

Christian Parenting - 34 Short Daily Biblical Lessons For Todays Christian Parents

Not available on Nook.

The Covenant (Abram's Daughters #1)

Nook Link

The Dog That Talked to God

Nook Link

God Has Better Things to do Than My Laundry (and Other Observations by an Overly Dramatic Mom)

Not available on Nook.

Goodness Gracious Green - The Green Series #2

Nook Link

Light Of Eidon (Legends of the Guardian-King)

This title is available on Nook, but is NOT FREE.

Livvie's Song (River of Hope)

Nook Link

The Pastor's Wife

Nook Link

Saving Hope: Men of the Texas Rangers Book 1

Nook Link

SEAL of God

Nook Link

Steeple Envy - Losing My Religion and Rediscovering Jesus

Not available on Nook

Talking to the Dead: A Novel

Nook Link

Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts with Bonus Content

This is available on Nook, but is NOT FREE.

Why Leadership Sucks: Fundamentals of Level 5 Leadership and Servant Leadership

This title is available on Nook, but it is NOT FREE.

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