‘Fro Me to You: Forced Family Fun

One hundred fifty people read Tuesday’s post on Forced Family Fun. I never get that many visitors in one day! Perhaps I’ve hit on a familiar topic. I thought I’d carry the theme through today with some pictures. I mean, it’s not really Forced Family Fun until you take pictures of the wonderful memories you’re making – right? (If you missed Tuesday’s post, click here.)

I love these pictures! They’re almost three years old, but they’re so funny. In spite of the agonizing looks on some faces, this vacation was actually really great. Most of the time.


If you can’t decipher Beth’s shirt, it reads:

“All your sons will be taught by the Lord and great will be your children’s peace. Isaiah 54:13”

Don’t we look peaceful?


At least Ellie and Jack look … well, at the camera. Ah, they were both under three years old and pretty oblivious to the torture that gathered us all in one spot at the same time.

Our shirt backs say:

Virginia Beach 2006

It’s right there. We HAD to have fun. Or else. Yup, I married into a military family. Literally.


I know, John! Zach doesn’t like pictures any more than you do, but can you humor us? We’re trying to make lasting memories here!! Now, smile and show off your matching haircuts.

Oh, we made lasting memories. We’ve got the tee-shirts to prove it.

(Mom, I know you’re reading this and you know I LOVE YOU! You also know we really did have a great time. I can’t wait to do it again. Can we get new tee-shirts, though? Ellie suggests pink next time.)

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