What does the church actually DO?

A lot of people get down on the church — especially fundamentalist evangelicals — because they feel like we don’t do enough. They criticize us for being hypocrites, for talking more than acting, for being mouths more than hands and feet.

I admit, I have moments of frustration, too. There’s just SO MUCH hurt in the world! So much need! I never feel like we’re DOING enough.

But then I make a list of all my church does and … WOW.

In the past few weeks alone our church has:

  • hosted a major rally for youth about human trafficking
  • baked cookies and made care packages for strippers
  • filled literally THOUSANDS of shoeboxes with gifts for poverty-stricken kids around the world
  • collected gifts and toiletries for AIDS patients
  • delivered food to needy families
  • tutored kids in depressed areas
  • fed the homeless
  • invited international students in our own homes
  • sponsored adoption and foster care education
  • hosted Broadway-caliber evangelistic concerts

This is all on top of all the work we do with crisis pregnancy centers, missionaries, evangelists, Bible studies, counseling, prayer gatherings, prison ministries, children’s ministries, education … all sorts of things we do all year round!

There will always be much to do, but little things done with great love can have a huge impact. Every drop in the bucket makes a difference.

I have an opportunity I want to share with you. One day. Huge impact. It’s coming in January, so mark your calendars. I would so love to see you there!

Feed My Starving Children MobilePack Event
January 24th and 25th
1200 volunteers
272,000 meals

The video below shows snippets of last year’s FMSC event. You can see still frames and read a bit more about my experience with that event HERE.

Feed My Starving Children Event 2014 from RVR Video Productions on Vimeo.

It was awesome. I don’t say that lightly. It was truly awesome to see so many from our church and community come to serve together as friends and family for children we will never meet. All for the glory of God and the love of those in need.

Interested? Follow this link for more information. Click on the red button to register.

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