God is bigger than snowflakes.

bigger than snowflakesI’m not going to lie: It’s been a rough couple of months. Rough? Well, maybe just over-saturated.

Since the beginning of November we’ve had 3 major holidays, 2 out-of-state trips; 1 extended visit with house-guests, several birthdays, and our anniversary. I also released my first book (which you know). All this came on top of our regular life of work, school, church, leading small groups, maintaining home and raising and wrangling our kids. And then came the Feed My Starving Children MobilePack at our church. This is an AMAZING event that I absolutely LOVE … but an event that causes me no small amount of stress in the coordination.

Remembering it’s not on me.

Often when our schedules get jam-packed and our days fill with flustered moments of trying to keep our heads above water, we grow forgetful. We can forget where our strength originates and Who actually reigns over all the moving pieces that circle us. We forget how big our God is. We forget how much impact small things can make. We can even forget how much our God cares about seemingly small things.

In the midst of this forgetfulness something else happens, too. We start to believe all those small details are our responsibility; that in our power and under our control that we make things happen. Oh, sure, it’s all for God’s glory, but we’re the ones who have to hold it all together – right?

Please tell me I’m not the only one who falls down this slippery vortex of inaccurate thinking.

The week of FMSC’15 found me in a bit of panic. It seemed like one thing after another went wrong. In a rather harried state I, as the Event Coordinator, ran from one text to another, one phone call to another, trying to tape and glue all the pieces together before the whole thing fell apart. (Okay, I may have a slight flare for the dramatic, but go with me here.) Stomach bugs, truck drivers, delivery and scheduling issues… I felt like things were imploding and then — as frosting on my lovely cake of frantic — a snowstorm decided to come our way. That’s when God gently stole my attention and corrected my thinking.

Do you remember in 1 Kings 19 when Elijah ran from Jezebel? Elijah was a man of God, a prophet, and he did all that He was supposed to do, but then everything imploded on him. The details didn’t work out the way he expected or planned. In fact, it all worked out in quite opposite ways. Elijah expected spiritual revival. Instead he got death threats.

This man of God ran from the threats and hid in a cave. There some wonderful things passed by: a great wind, an earthquake, and a fire.

I felt a little like Elijah as I faced my own great winds, what felt like an earthquake and then … a snowstorm.

Elijah, after all those great things passed by, discovered that God doesn’t need great things to be known. He can be known in small stirrings and whispers.

I learned the same.

As I watched and worked and fretted over all the details I couldn’t control, God softly dropped several inches of tiny, gorgeous, icy reminders of His power. He reminded me that it’s not on me. I had done all I could and He was more than capable of handling the rest.

(For more on this passage from 1 Kings, check out our Big Word Bible Study and video discussion HERE.)

God is bigger than snowflakes.

Packing over 272,000 meals in less than 3 days is no small feat. Doing it while a stomach bug and stowstorm methodically take down the community? Well, that certainly complicates things, doesn’t it?

Oh, but our God is bigger than snowflakes. He’s bigger than our biggest dreams and goals. None of the obstacles that so concern us intimidate Him. They don’t surprise Him. He doesn’t fret or worry. And we needn’t either.

Our only job is obedience in worship. When we serve the Living God the best that we have for His glory, He takes care of the rest.

The interruptions are not always our fault. The results are rarely our responsibility.

All we need to do is trust, love, obey. He lovingly, graciously takes care of every tiny detail.

Feed My Starving Children 2015

Our goal was to pack 272,000 meals in less than 3 days. We didn’t meet our goal; we exceeded it. Even with fewer volunteers than we needed and one less shift than we had planned, God enabled us to pack:

  • 1,296 boxes of food
  • 279,936 meals
  • enough for 766 kids to eat for an entire year.

That’s just AWESOME. I don’t need an earthquake or great wind to know God was in this.

Some might mistakenly believe it’s all about the numbers. Serving God is never about numbers.

Some might also wonder why, if I get so stressed, do I mess with this event. Because it IS awesome.

Too often churches divide by demographic. The men go here; the women to there. The kids trot this way while the seniors hike the other way. FMSC is different. It allows us to be one body serving together. All ages, all races, all demographics working together to serve God and love those in need. It’s absolutely beautiful!

I love seeing God pull all these people together into a unified purpose for His glory. I love seeing Him work out all the details I can’t control. I love being part of something so much bigger than me … and facing tangible reminders that God is so much bigger than all we imagine.

Below you’ll find a video recap. (If you’re having trouble viewing the video,CLICK HERE to be redirected.) You can also view a photo gallery of this year’s event HERE on the HGC blog.

Feed My Starving Children 2015 from RVR Video Productions on Vimeo.

If you missed the opportunity to participate — because of date, weather, or geography — it’s not too late! The total cost for the meals we packed is about $52K, some of which we still need to collect. We have a number of event t-shirts available ($20 each with all proceeds going directly to this event) and direct donation opportunities. If you’d like to make a donation, you may do so through the church or online via this link.

It’s a great event … but our God is even greater.

TALK TO ME: How has God shown Himself to be bigger and greater in your life?

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