Feed My Starving Children

FMSCI shared with you last week about my crazy schedule and a nifty little — okay, a huge, massive, totally awesome event — going on at my church. On Friday and Saturday we hosted our very first Feed My Starving Children mobilepack event. 

It was amazing!

I really want to tell you all about the energy on campus, but there simply are no adequate words. People were smiling and laughing and dancing. Everyone wants to do it again. One of janitors said she’s never seen so many excited people on campus as the same time. It was … EPIC.

Here are some numbers to sum up the event:

  • 922 volunteers
  • 4 packing shifts + 2 set-up and clean-up shifts
  • $35,500 raised (The goal is to collect $38,500, so we still need a little bit more to cover expenses. If you’re interested in donating, you can do that through THIS LINK.)
  • 167,600 meals packed
  • 460 kids will be able to eat for an entire year because of what our community did in just two days

What is Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)?

FMSC is a Christian organization that mobilizes local churches and community groups to pack meals for starving and malnourished children around the world. The meals are a combination of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and vitamins. These have been scientifically designed for malnourished bodies. The meals are shipped to over 70 countries and distributed by organizations already on the ground in those regions. The goal is to feed the hungry in body and in spirit.

FMSC is tremendously organized. They sent three staff members — yes, THREE. I expected we would need at least 10, maybe 20 to pull this off, but, no. We got three and three was — surprisingly to me –sufficient. My team of coordinators watched as hundreds of volunteers quickly and seamlessly shifted from ignorant chaos to an efficient team of packers.

I was reminded of my summers working in factories back in Indiana, but … well, we don’t have a lot of factories in New Jersey, so none of my co-workers here could relate.

The Coolest Bits of All This

I want to tell you the coolest thing about all this … but I can’t. There isn’t one element that reigns supreme. With so many fantastic elements, let me give you a Top 5 list.

  1. famServing with my family. I absolutely loved being with my husband and both my kids working together on a service project. So often we go in different directions: to men’s groups, women’s groups, kids’ groups … This opportunity allowed us to serve together, and it was priceless.
  2. Watching God exceed my expectations. Our original goal was to gather 500 volunteers to pack 100,000 meals. The response was so overwhelming that we had to open up the registration and raise the goal … TWICE.
  3. Having a global impact. I’m a missionary at heart. I want to be overseas. I want to touch and feed and serve those in need with my own two hands. This allowed me to do that. I may never get to Africa or India, but this weekend I was able to do something that will impact those in need who are already there.
  4. Connecting with my community. We have a large church, close to 3000 people. It’s so hard to know everyone. This experience, however, built and solidified connections. There’s nothing quite like working side-by-side with others, all for the same purpose and goal. I loved it!
  5. Being part of community that lives love in action. Our church is full of people who love God and who are willing to get hands dirty to serve and love others. We don’t just talk about being the church and making a difference in the world. We ARE the church and we ARE working to make a difference.

FMSC Collage

Want more? We have a ton of photos on our church blog. You’ll see how the packing floor looks and works, find members of Big Word and more. :)


TALK TO ME: What kind of service opportunities have you had recently? What experiences have you had that truly knocked your socks off?

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