This week is pretty crazy. Zachary starts physical therapy tomorrow (because he still isn’t walking) which puts Isabel in daycare for the first time ever. Thursday will find a contractor installing new countertops and a sink in our kitchen. Friday brings my mom in from Kentucky. Saturday is Isabel’s third birthday. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write this week; I’m already feeling a tad guilty for neglecting you the past few days. So, instead of my usual type of post, I’ve decided to share with you some “Ellie-isms”.

My recent post about context was met with rave reviews — probably the most popular post to date! This time I’ll not share what I say, but rather what Isabel says. She’s such a trip, as many of you well know. Here are a few more glimpses into her personality and my life with her.


Isabel was playing with crayons in a resturant while we waited for our food. Since I had recently been teaching her about mixing two colors to make another, I asked her: “What do yellow and blue make?”

She grabbed the yellow and blue crayons. “CHOPSTICKS!”

Me: “Zachary, what are you doing?”
Isabel: “Oh, Mommy, he’s just trying to get his poopy out. Let’s go help him!”

During lunch …
Me: “Isabel, can you make me a sandwich?”
Isabel: GRUNT! “No, Mommy. I can’t make ME a sandwich. I’m just your little girl.”
She then went on to explain we need bread to make a sandwich and she can’t make herself into bread either.

“You’re my very favorite mommy!”
“Thank you, Daddy, for coming home! I love it when you come home!! Do you want to spend the night at my house tonight?” …spoken as if he doesn’t live here — which he does!

“Mommy, I need cuddles.”
While handing me either a tiera or a princess hat … “Put this on your head. We married now! Let’s dance.”

“Zachary can’t have ice cream. Boys don’t like ice cream. Only girls. Boys like hot dogs.”

Isabel: “Mommy, does God love me?”
Me: “Yes! He loves you very much.”
Isabel: “He probably loves you, too.”

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