Ellie-isms & Zach Attacks

It was brought to my attention that I’ve not posted any Ellie-isms in a while. Well, here’s a bundle for you. Enjoy!

Isabel, sung to the tune of “Jesus Loves the Little Children: “Mommy loves the little children, all the little children of the world. Red mommies love Isabels, yellow mommies love Zachs! Black mommies and white mommies too!”

Zachary: “Chuh-BUNgee!!” This is loudly proclaimed at every meal. Translation: “Chew like a bunny!”

Isabel: “How do you spell Isabel? I-S-A-B-E-L! How do you spell Zachary? Z-S-H-O-Y!”
Isabel, with arms straight up: “I’m up and down lines.” Then, with arms out, one raised high and the other low: “Now I’m a danogononigal line!”
Isabel: “I can’t take a nap because I’m nervous.”
Me: “Nervous? What does that mean?”
Isabel: “Nervous means you don’t want to go to sleep.”

Me: “Zachary, you don’t say ‘sorry’ by yelling across the house. You need to say ‘sorry’ to her face.”
Zachary: “Sorry face! Sorry Ellie’s face!”
Isabel: “Hi, Miss Karen!”
Zachary: “Hi, Miss Kenya!”
Isabel: “Her name is Miss Karen. Her last name is “Miss”. N-O-B-L-I-S-M MISS KARE-EN!!”
Zachary: “Oh. Okay. Hi, Miss Kenya!”

Isabel: “You have to give me cuddles when I’m sick, Mom.”
Isabel: “Can you help me get the itches off?” This is her way of asking you to scratch her back.

A discussion had over corned beef and cabbage …
Me: “Try it. You’ll like it. It has sugar in it.”
Isabel: “I don’t like sugar.”
Me: “Yes, you do! Sugar is in all the things you like best, like ice cream.”
Isabel: “Does it have ice cream in it?”
Me: “L is for …”
Zachary: “LION!”
Me: “M is for …”
Zachary: “MONKEY!”
Me: “N is for …”
Zachary: “BURGER KING!!” In his defense, the picture of a nest does look a little like a hamburger.

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