Ellie-isms & Zach Attacks for April

Hey, I just realized I’m late in getting out the April edition of “Ellie-isms & Zach Attacks.” ENJOY!

Me: “Are you going toot-toot with your bottom?”
Zach: “No, it’s just gas.”

Ellie: “I had a bad dream.”
Me: “Really? What was it about?”
Ellie: “I don’t know because it didn’t come true.”

Zach, giggling while peeing on the floor: “Mom-my! My juice is coming out!”

Me: “Your friends cannot come over to play until your room is clean. Do you understand?”
Ellie: “I understand, Mom. I’ll just go to their house.”

Me: “Ellie, you need to go upstairs and get your clothes.”
Ellie: (laying her head sweetly in my lap) “Mommy, I have an idea! How ’bout I get my shoes and you get my clothes?”
Me: “Where are you shoes?”
Ellie: “Upstairs. We can go together!”
Me: “Okay.” (I run upstairs only to hear Isabel yelling from the bottom of the stairs …)
Ellie: “Mommy, you can get my shoes, too, if you want to.”

Me: “Zach, you wanna watch Strawberry Shortcake?”
Zach: “No! It’s too girly!”
Me: “How ’bout A Bug’s Life?”
Zach: “No, it’s too scary.”
Me: “Finding Nemo?”
Zach: “No, Mom. It’s too WET!”

Zach: “These shoes are too squeezy.”

Ellie: “I want a baby sister so I have someone to push around.” (I think she means in a stroller, but we’re not entirely sure!)

Zach: “Hey! I’m not crying any more! I think I’m happy now!”

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