Ellie-isms, Zach Attacks and Momese

The Ellie-isms are late! July was a month of quotes not just from our dramatic princess, but from the whole family. So, this month we’ve got a collection of Ellie-isms, Zach Attacks and Momese!

Isabel: “Only grown-ups can play with fire – right, Mom?”

Zach, ever so pensive: “I tink water is wet.”

Isabel: “Them look like balls, but them is ashley marbles.” (Translation: ashley = actually)

Zach’s favorite joke: “Hey, I know!”
Me (or Rick): “What do you know?”
Zach: “A cow!” He then bursts out laughing. If you get the joke, please explain it to me. In the meantime, I love watching him tell it.

Ellie to Aunt Tracy: “Auntie, Auntie! I fell down and Mommy and Daddy and Zach take me to the hostibol and I got stickers on my chin! (Translation: We went to the hospital to get stitches.)

Me to Zach, who was in the tub: “Please, don’t color your penis.”

Me to Isabel: “Stop dancing naked in front of the garbage men!!”

Zach: “Mommy, I tink Daddy in charge.”

Ellie to Rick after he killed a spider: “Thanks, Dad! You’re my big, strong, get-rid-of-bugs guy.”

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