Ellie-isms & Zach Attacks

Ellie, singing: “I lo-ove you, orange juice, because you have vitami-i-i-i-i-ins!”

Ellie: “This peach is so delicious and healthy; it makes me want to run outside.”

Zach: “The guy from the pretend A&P just gave me a hundred and ninety-six dollar hot dog for ninety-six dollars! He didn’t even look at the sign!! I looked at the sign and it said “Six one.” Can you believe it?”

Ellie: “My mom and dad are so old. I’m sure they’ll get sick soon and then I’ll have to find someone to adopt me. (turning to me) Hey, Mom! Will you die next week? Do you think Grandma will adopt me?”

Zach: “… seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, two-dee –”
Me: “Twenty.”
Zach: “Mommy, you’re so silly! Two-dee-one, two-dee-two, two-dee-free …”

Ellie: “What are we having for dinner?”
Me: “Chicken.”
Ellie: “Bar-be-que chicken?”
Me: “No, just seasoned chicken.”
Ellie: “Does it grow in all seasons or just summer?”

Now I don’t have exact quotes on this, but a new form of Zach Attack has been his rules. He makes these really funny and rather strict rules about random things.

For example …
“I don’t believe in God because He starts with G and I don’t like Gs today. I only like Gs on Wednesdays. I’ll believe in God on Wednesday.”

“My teacher said we can’t bring any fruit to school for snacks. The rule is we only bring chips or candy.”

Another one:
“I only eat vegetables on Saturday. But I’ll eat broccoli on Tuesday because I like green on Tuesdays.”

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