Ellie-isms for April

Well, it’s been about a month since the last installment of “Ellie-isms”. This is quickly becoming a regular post! Soon we’ll have to add a counterpart for “Zach Attacks.” As he learns to speak, my list of quotes for him is sure to grow.

In the meantime, our daughter is just hysterical. People are always telling me: “You must laugh all the time!” Fortunately, I can answer: “Yes, I do.” There are days these kids have me pulling out my hair, but on most days, God grants me the ability to see humor in the chaos of toddlers. And without further ado, here are the April Ellie-isms.

While sitting on the potty … “I have a poopy present for you! I’m being the ribbon.”

“It’s just a worm.” Always spoken with disappointment, usually after passing gas on the toilet. I think she means to say “false alarm”.

Me: “There is toilet paper all over the floor! Why did you take it off the roll?”
Ellie: “’cause I want to be a pirate.” … as if that explains everything!

“Why you say ‘no’ all day long?”

Me: “Do you need all those tissues? Why are you taking them out of the box.”
Ellie: “That’s why my soccer ball is dirty.” Again, I have no idea what she was talking about, but she said it with absolute conviction and confidence … I just let her keep taking tissues!

After ‘God’s Little Singers’, a mommy-and-me worship class at our church, Isabel ran to tell me about a man who hit her in class. There was only one man in the class, my friend’s husband. I knew he would never touch a child, so I made Isabel apologize for saying mean things about him. That night she retold the story to her daddy.
Ellie: “A man with clothes on hit me! Then his mommy said ‘Are you okay?’ and I said …”
Me: “Wait — his mommy was there?”
Ellie: “Yup, and she said …”
Me: “Honey, you said it was a man. If his mommy was there, he wasn’t a man; he was a little boy. Mr. Ted was the only man there.”
Ellie: “No, Mommy! He was a man! He was FIVE!!”

Ellie: “Mommy, say ‘Ah-choo.'”
Me: “Aaah-Choo!!”
Ellie: “I not blessing you! ha ha ha ha ha ha …”

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