Ellie-isms and Zach Attacks

This morning Isabel told me, in her oh-so-serious tone, “Mommy, I don’t know if I’ll love you always and forever, but I do love you happy Valen-time’s Day.” Nice – huh? Well, it made me think it’s about time I share some Ellie-isms and Zach Attacks with you. ENJOY!

Ellie: “Mommy, I know what we can have for breakfast! It’s in the freezer … it’s cold … you eat it with a spoon. Do you know what it is?”

Ellie: “Zach, do I look pretty in my pink coat?”
Zach: “Um … no.”

Ellie: “Help, Mommy! There’s a snooker coming out my nose.” (I think this is a conjunction of ‘snot’ and ‘booger’, but I’m not entirely sure.)

Me: “Zach, you smell stinky. Do you need a new diaper?”
Zach: “Um … no. No diaper, thank you!”

Zach: “Flashlight in me!”
Translation: “There’s an eyelash in my eye.”

Ellie: “When are you going to turn the light off? My brother’s going to go deaf soon if you don’t turn off the light.”

Ellie: “Look! I drew a picture of you and Daddy on ‘acation! Here’s Daddy reading the newspaper. And here’s you working on the beach because I know you LOVE to work!”

Me: “Isabel, what does it mean to be patient?”
Ellie: “To wait happily ever after?”

Zach: “Mommy, you tucka in me?”
Translation: “Please tuck me in.”

Ellie: “Whoopsie-doodle!”

Ellie: “God, may You please help Katie to feel better ’cause she has a ‘tomach-ache. Amen. Mommy! Katie’s feeling better ’cause I prayed and God listened ’cause He loves me! She feels better!!”

Zach: “Um … tank you, God, for Mommy and Daddy and I’abel and Gran-maw and Pa-paw and trucks and am-imals and cars and monkeys no jump on bed and hit their head and the doctor said –“
Rick: “Amen.”
Zach: “Amen.”

Oh — and by the way, we had a WONDERFUL time on our trip! Thank you for all your encouragement and well wishes. We did have to deal with a little food poisoning and some militant mosquitoes, but it still amazing. I mean, it’s been four years since I’ve had the freedom of being sick WITHOUT children climbing on me, so I didn’t mind a bit.

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