Ellie-isms and Zach Attacks

It’s been a while, so some of these kid quotes may be months old, but they still make me smile. I did change the names of innocents involved, specifically those of the kids’ teachers. :) Enjoy!


Zach: “I think I hear a thinking coming into my head!”


Ellie, singing the Star Spangled Banner: “O-oh, say can you see by the doctorly light what so proudly we hail as the die lie, we reading …”


Zach: “Mrs. Smith has a family. She didn’t tell me, but I know this because my brain went to Mrs. Brown’s house. Mrs. Smith’s brain was there too, and I asked her and then my brain came back before we woke up from nap time. Did you know that my brain can leave my head? It does! See this door? (pointing between his eyebrows) That’s how it gets out. It always comes back. That’s good – isn’t it?”


Ellie: “I get to be Betsy Ross in the program! She sews the American flag. I don’t have a speaking part, though. Mrs. Jones said all I have to do is look pretty. I’m really good at that!”



  • Arm-in-oar (noun): A creature that eats everything
    Ellie: “I love being an arm-in-nor because I like trees (a.k.a. broccoli) and shrimp!”
  • Be-member (verb): to recall something forgotten
    Zach: “Mommy, be-member you said we would go to the park.”
  • Cannon-hole (noun): a big, splashy dive into the pool (Zach calls this a “Run-and-fun.”)
  • Carnival (noun): A creature that only eats meat
  • Creditor (noun): A creature that preys on other creatures
    Zach: “Creditors are dinosaurs that want to eat you. T-Rexes are my favorite.”
  • Frickle (verb): the rising act a bandage makes when adhered over a joint
    Ellie: “This band-aid frickles too much.”
  • Her-vi-bor (noun): A creature that only eats plants
    Zach, singing: “I’m a hungry, hungry her-vi-bor! Plants are what I’m hungry for!”

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