Disney Vacation Countdown {DIY with FREE Download}

They thought we were watching “Mary Poppins.” We did, eventually, but this clip of Coming Attractions proved far more exciting.

Yup. We’re going again. YIPPEE!!!!

I have to admit I may be more excited about this trip than others. Maybe it’s because there’s less stress, no pressure. We’ve been before and now know what all our favorite bits are. We know how to “do” Disney.

Maybe it’s because the kids are actively participating in the planning this time. We told them early enough that Ellie can sit side-by-side with her daddy making matching spreadsheets and evaluating dining options and park maps. Zach, meanwhile, has time to process and prime. (He’s not a fan of surprises. The more notice he gets, the more excited he becomes.)

Regardless of why, I’m excited. When I get excited, I get crafty. The results of this time? A Disney Vacation Countdown!

After scouring Pinterest for simple, but cute projects, I decided to meld a few ideas into one of my own.

DVC Framed

I love it! And am including in this post free downloads so that you can create one for yourself. (I’ve even made a fun Pinterest-y cover image you can use when you pin it to your boards. :) See the end of this post.)

I started with a photo taken during our last trip to Walt Disney World. I used picmonkey.com (my favorite photo-editing website) to add a few circles and the a bit of text. It looks like this:

Disney Vacation Countdown web

I printed that onto a full sheet of photo paper and trimmed. It fits beautifully inside an 8 x 10″ photo frame. (Fortunately, I had a nice one sitting unused in our basement!)

Next I created numbers. I printed these on regular printer paper, punched them out and matted them on red cardstock. The cardstock adds a slight thickness and a significant durability.

 DVC Numbers

Using double-sided adhesive dots, we stick the numbers directly onto the glass, kind of into the “ears” of our Mickey. This is great because we can change the numbers daily without damaging the photo or the numbers. So, theoretically, we could use this countdown again and again!

This doesn’t damage the frame either, so, if we never use the countdown again, it’s not wasted.

Speaking of the frame … This particular one is meant to hang on the wall, but I didn’t want to put a hole in the wall for a temporary use. Also, I wanted the kids to be able to reach it easily without worrying that they might knock it down and break the glass. Since there was no stand, I improvised.

DVC stand

This candle-chandelier thingy has glass votive holders and is meant to offer suspended ambiance over some restful porch retreat or decadent bath. Ours typically sits in the basement collecting dust. It, however, serves as an ideal stand for our new vacation countdown.

Bonus: one of the votives offers a perfect spot to store waiting number disks. It’s a win-win.

Your Turn!


  • 1 sheet photo paper (8.5 x 11″)
  • 2 sheets white cardstock or regular printer paper
  • 1 sheet red cardstock (optional)
  • 1 8×10″ photo frame with glass
  • adhesive dots
  • 2″ circle punch
  • 2-1/4″ circle punch (optional)

Click HERE to download the background image.

Click HERE to download the numbers. This includes enough numbers to countdown from 99!


  1. Print the downloads offered above, the background onto the photo paper.
  2. Trim the excess paper around background image and fit inside your frame.
  3. Use the 2″ punch to create the number disks.
  4. (Optional) Use the 2-1/4″ punch on the red cardstock to create mattes for the number disks.
  5. Place your numbers on the “ears” outside the glass and start counting down! :)

Disney Vacation Countdown Pin

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