Well, my laundry intermission has come to a close. We leave for the airport in less than four hours. I am super excited, but also a little nervous and obsessed with my check list. Did I do everything I needed to do? Have I signed enough papers to take care of the kids now and in the event of a crisis? Have I packed all that I’ll want with me? Do I have enough books and handbags? Is my house clean enough for those who will be using it in my absence?

Last night while straightening the playroom I faced an empty chalkboard. Of course I had to fill it, but with what? As I continued my task, now focused on the books scattered across the floor, one cover flipped open. It was an alphabet memory verse boardbook. The flopped-open page read:

“Delight yourself in the Lord. — Psalm 37:4”

That’s exactly what the chalkboard needed to say.

Deep cleansing breath. Sure, I have a ton to do and a lot I want to do, but none of it matters when compared to the Lord. Am I delighting in Him or am I trying to find my delight in other things? Like coffee or a clean house or an unexpected romantic tryst? (Isn’t “tryst” a fun word? It was in the advertisement for the hotel where we’ll be staying!) To what do I look for peace and joy? If not in God, then I’m going to miss the boat.

And if I don’t get off this computer, I’m going to miss my plane. :) I’ll be traveling without my laptop, which will likely feel like living without my right arm, so I’ll be offline until the end of next week. Until then …

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