Cleaning Ahab’s House {Big Word Bible Studies}

We had a great discussion last night! This week’s video is just under 18 minutes long. I clearly couldn’t cover everything in these packed chapters. You can explore more in the study guide for these chapters.

Two themes dominate:

  1. God wants our whole hearts, our undivided devotion. He will not tolerate idolatry forever.
  2. God’s Word never fails. Not even a speck of His promises will falter. He can be fully trusted.

Please leave your thoughts and observations in the comments section! Links to our next study guide are below the video.

In two weeks we will talk about the next section of history, as found in 2 Kings 14–16 and 2 Chronicles 25–28. Click HERE for the free study guide.

If you’ve missed anything along the way, check out the Big Word Bible Studies tab. There you’ll find past studies, links to notes and videos.

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