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Um … Hi.

Hello, over there. Remember me? Yeah, I used to write for this website regularly and then I just, kinda, disappeared. Things have been busy, both personally and professionally. I’ve acquired a few new projects, mostly editing and a little web design. (HUH?? I know, right! Like I’m any kind of …


HELP! I’m twitterpated.

This was supposed to be my week of random posts. Taking a vacation from my typical content of Bible study and missional living, I would offer a parade of inconsequential nothingness. I started with our Disney countdown and then … well, somewhere between then and now my inconsequential nothingness turned …

I quit … Or not.

So, yesterday I seriously stepped in doo. It was unintentional, as all doo-steps are, and yet it seemed a little too typical for me. I try to write what’s on my heart and instead of reaching my target audience, I accidentally offend others, some who never even crossed my mind …


National Day of Writing at Cairn University

On Thursday I am going to pretend I am an expert on writing and publishing. October 20th is the National Day of Writing. Cairn University (formerly called Philadelphia Biblical University) is kicking off the festivities early by hosting events on the 18th. Current faculty and alumni will present six different …


Re:Write :: Take 2

I tried to offer a recap of my conference yesterday, but my efforts fell far short. This is Take 2. Click here for Take 1. This weekend’s trip marked my very first time to the West Coast. In fact, it was my first time travelling anywhere west of the Mississippi …

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