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No Other Gods

Tomorrow begins my next string of teaching! One thing I especially love about the way our church does Vacation Bible School is the inclusion of classes for adults. While the kiddos fill the sanctuary with music, skits and uninhibited volume, their parents can enjoy a free bagel, some coffee and …

On Gideon (Judges 6–9)

We’ve made it halfway through our study on the book of Judges! I hope you’re all still with us. If you’re new to this series of posts, scroll back a bit through past posts to see anything you may have missed. This week we’re covering Judges 6–9. The whole section …

Java with the Judges

Do you want to do a Bible study with me? C’mon. Say “yes.” I know you want to. This blog has hosted series about specific Biblical characters (Bathsheba, for one) or hot topics (like prayer). We also did the two-year Read with Me Challenge which encouraged accountability with daily devotions …

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