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Release Day! The new NIV Bible for Women

This is kind of a big day. Zondervan has released a new NIV Bible for Women. Nestled between the text of Scripture, readers will find articles and devotionals that offer “fresh insights for thriving in today’s world.” Contributors include several prominent leaders of today, such as Margaret Feinberg, Rachel Held Evans, Christine …


Discover Together: Revelation

I treasure Bible study. No, that’s not enough. I absolutely delight in it! I find it fun and exciting — and not just because I’m a nerd who loves books and research. It is life-giving, life-affirming … in it is Power. I’ve offered this quote from Sproul before, but I …

This just cracks me up.

If you follow me on facebook or twitter,  you may have already seen this. Regardless, it’s two days later and this girl still has me laughing. I mean, is it normal for writers of Bible study to have groupies? I know Beth Moore has her siestas, but … well … …

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