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Big Word: Finishing 1 Kings!

Oh, I am so very, very late with this study installment! Our in-home group met last week, but due to a number of circumstances, I am just now getting our video recap up. If you’re not yet following me on facebook, please do. When things get wonky and I can’t get stuff up here when …

I don’t have all the answers, but this I know… {BIG WORD: 1 Kings 17-18}

A couple European vagabonds and I sat in a tiny studio apartment amid the Swiss Alps debating theology until 4 am. Sons of missionaries, raised in boarding schools, these brothers had left their parents’ faith. I don’t remember a whole lot about them, not even their last name, but I remember …

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After pride … {Big Word: 1 Kings 9-11}

I smiled at the passenger seat and congratulated myself on such Pinterestic perfection. There, beautifully nestled in a clever contraption of cooling rack and breakfast tray, sat thirty fruit-filled cones. Ellie’s birthday treat for school. The forthcoming blog composed itself as I rounded the second block. I had taken plenty …

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