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Joab-Amasa tree

BIG WORD: 2 Samuel 19–21

It’s time for BIG WORD! We’re nearly finished with 2 Samuel. In fact, we only have one session left. The book doesn’t end neatly; David’s death and final words are actually provided in the first few chapters of Kings. We’ll dive in those books after the holiday break. If you …

2nd Samuel

BIG WORD: 2 Samuel 5-10

First, I’m terribly sorry for not getting this post up sooner. THANK YOU for your patience and understanding! It’s been a full, fully interrupted day. We had a lot to talk about at Big Word last night! If you’ve missed any previous discussion on the book of 2 Samuel (or …


BIG WORD: 2 Samuel 1–4

We are in our third season of Big Word. Last night we had a great turnout. I am so very excited to study the book of 2 Samuel with the ladies who came AND with you! If you’re new to our online Bible study, jump over to the Big Word …

Big Word returns!

Did you know this website offers FREE Bible studies? Yes, this site. The one you’re currently on and reading. The Big Word Bible Studies Tab will take you to a page that offers downloadable homework and studies perfect for individual or group use. You’ll also find discussion notes and book …

Life After Goliath

You would expect a national hero, someone who courageously risks his life and single-handedly saves his people from slaughter and slavery, to be rewarded. The promise was there. The conditions fulfilled, but things didn’t pan out in a predictable, glorious fashion. Things didn’t go they way they ought. As we …

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